"See Through The Eyes of A Machine" is a research project that looks into the emerging issues of Artificial Intelligence, particularly the role that designers play in these issues. The final prototype is a Virtual Reality experience that visually explains how computer vision works. 

The research started out with a speculative question. Therefore, a major part of my preliminary research looked at precedents in literature and movies. Another direction of the early research was looking into emerging issues regarding "machines" to speculate a possible future. Some interesting findings included heated discussion on "machine learning bias"; Trevor Paglen's latest project "Image-net Roulette" brought wide attention to "machine learning bias". 

The preliminary research did not uncover many studies on the question of "machine's god". However, it was interesting to discover how people are interested in learning a future where machines are superior or machines co-exist with humans. The second step of the research was interviewing, each interviewee answered the original research question without any given context or background. 

Through the interviews, I had some interesting findings that drove me to switch research direction. 

Following the research phase was an intense week of preliminary prototyping. The purpose of the rapid prototyping week was to explore as many ideas as possible and to find the direction that has the most potential. 

Moving forward, I looked for precedents in form and aesthetics for inspiration. Two major inspirations are the movie Inside out and a VR project called Dance.Tonite. 

To accomplish the design goal, the final prototype was designed to be played with Google Cardboard. The Google Cardboard provides limited interaction: eye-movement tracking and clicking. The VR experience is to be designed within these constraints. 



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