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Lighting Design
The SWITCH is a light that re-creates the toggle switch on a bigger scale; it encourages people to look at a familiar object differently through the lens of design.

Swang Chair

The SWang Chair is a leather sling chair inspired by and designed for the fashion brand Alexander Wang. 
Lounge Chair


Interactive Furniture Experiment​
The Suru Collection encourages users to rethink about the relationships they have with "everyday objects" through interaction.


Softie is a headphone concept that was inspired by Solange's song Cranes in the Sky. 


Acrylic Shelf
The Jelly Shelf creates a mysterious effect with multiple panels interacting at different angles and invites viewers to get lost in its magical effects.

Po Rack

Clothes Rack​
The Po Rack is an interactive clothes rack featuring three springy circle hangers, users can hang clothes by pulling on the rings. Reimaging the activity of hanging clothes with more interaction, I hope the Po Rack can bring fun to our daily routine.