OnePlus X Parsons

Personal phone usage data visualized as live wallpapers for OnePlus operation system.

Project Brief

Design a feature or application for OnePlus' operation system. It should focus on the topic of "Digital Privacy" and "Gen Z" as target users. 


How can this feature help OnePlus to differentiate their mobile phones from other Android devices, and attract Gen Z users while following the overall strategy of OnePlus in the next few years?

Design Overview

Wallpaper that visualizes personal data, such as app usage, screen time, location, and health data. 

The design goal is to visualize personal data creatively with customization options, inviting all users to participate in managing their data usage.

Each time a user picks up his/her phone, there is a sense of freshness. Users can also gain insight of their digital wellbeing and share their “encrypted” data images with others.

What does Gen Z think of digital Privacy?

According to Mobile Marketer, Gen Z is less angst-ridden about privacy than older generations, with 32 percent of respondents in a recent survey saying that “they’re not concerned that companies will use their personal online data in a way that could harm them.” In fact, they typically want information targeted to them in order to create a more personalized experience. And 38 percent want online ads to be relevant to their browsing history or the kinds of entertainment they prefer.

“Privacy is less of a concern for this generation because they expect and demand customization and personalization.”

The upshot of all the media attention post-GDPR and Cambridge Analytica is that consumers, particularly millennials, are becoming savvier about the value of their data. It’s a shift that Acxiom and the Data Marketing Association call the rise of “data pragmatists”—such as the 58 percent of US consumers who are willing to trade certain types of personal information in exchange for certain benefits or incentives, under the right circumstances and on their own terms. Some see the data value exchange giving rise to data-as-currency and a new economy that will empower consumers to control and market their data.

"Gen Z appreciate it when data adds value to their lives—and hate it when it fuels predatory practices by big tech companies.”


With regard to Gen Z’s opinion on digital privacy and their emphasis on self-identity, I wanted to explore ideas that focus on customization and personalization.

I was greatly inspired by Georgia Lupi’s “Dear Data” which visualizes her everyday activity data in the form of an intimate journal. Lupi was able to write and share her personal life through a lens of emotion and creativity.

Competitive Analysis

Wallpaper Templates & Themes

Customization Settings

Live Data Update

Digital Wellbeing Experiments

User Persona

 This feature wants to target users who are students or young professionals. As Gen Zers, they value personality and would like to stay in trend. They spend a longer time on their phones and value customized designs tailored to them. They see their belongings as an extension of their identity. 


Moving into the design phase, I started with exploring different formats to visualization various types of data. I was particularly interested in the idea of “encrypting” data into a drawing.

Live wallpapers generally feature subtle animations that do not distract users from major tasks on their screens. With that in mind, I focused more on exploring combinations of simple and elegant shapes.

Wireframe / First Draft

In reference to the current user flow of Google Wallpaper, I focused on how to guide the users through making customized changes. 

I decided to move forward with the second user flow for the following reasons:

  • Use pagination to guide users through each step in a preferred order

  • Display a proper amount of information on each screen with plenty of breathing room

  • Larger touch areas and clearer call to action buttons placement

UI / First Draft


  • How do users extract useful information from their wallpaper?

  • What could be the next steps for users after understanding their data?

  • How will this feature relate to other features from OnePlus?

UI / Second Draft


  • What would be the best way to explain data visualization to users?

  • What would be the next steps for users after understanding their data?

  • What will drive users to share their personal wallpaper?


Entry point: main screen

Entry point: Google Wallpaper

Final Design

Choose Data Type

In the Google Wallpaper Settings, users will find the “My Data” folder, which presents a collection of themes they can choose from, each theme visualizes a type of data with a different design.

After selecting a theme, users will read the Info that explains how does the chosen data wallpaper work.

Select Applications

If a user choose to customize his/her wallpaper, the first step is to choose five apps to collect data from.

The wallpaper will be animated for the first time, providing a preview of what it might look like.

Select Geometry & Change Background

For this App Usage theme, users can also customize the geometry combination and each element’s color.

The final step is to set a background image of their choice, users can take a photo, choose from photo album, select a color or choose from the recommended gallery.

Set Wallpaper

When you are happy with your design, preview and set your wallpaper for AOD, main screen, or both. 

You can also disable animation and adjust animation rate  in Advanced Settings.

Data Digest

On the main screen, users can long tap on the wallpaper to open the quick action menu.

From there, users can check out the “Data Digest” on this particular wallpaper. In this example, a detailed report on all the pick ups during the day will be available.

Focus Mode

From the main menu quick menu, users can also go to “Focus Mode”, which limits the usage of only eight or fewer applications on their phone.

The “Focus Mode” provides templates of “Focus Group”, such as Essentials and Work mode.



I was invited to further develop this project with OnePlus as a content creator.

Due to an NDA I cannot share the details online, please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about the project.