The idea of JELL was to create a visual image that is new and exciting through a visual product, therefore I began with playing with mirrors - a material that I always felt contains many possibilities in its own. While most mirror surfaces are flat and were meant for people to look straight at, I wanted to explore how reflective surfaces can interact with each other at angles. 


I mocked up several iterations on how various angles, sizes, and numbers of mirrors would behave. After iterations A and B, I discovered dichroic film and really liked the iridescent effect of the material. I decided to apply the film to double-layer acrylic panels after playing with different application methods, layering etc. 

While the dichroic film adds a shimmering and mirror effect to the clear acrylic panels, each set of panels were designed to generate interesting images of the object placed in the space in between them. Looking from different angles, you would find that the images created constantly change as your perspective shifts. 


The JELL Shelf was designed to elevate common objects, the materiality of the films and the minimal structure of it create an elegant context for any object that is placed in the shelf. It was designed for people to appreciate the beauty of common yet beautiful objects in our lives. 

The dichroic film allows excellent light transmission and beautifully reflects constantly changing colors under the sun. The shelf changes into different color themes when looking from different perspectives.  While the shelf elevates the objects in the shelf, the shelf itself becomes a simple yet intriguing piece just to look at. 

The JELL Shelf is designed to be a visual candy for viewers, for them to wonder and discover. 


Each acrylic panel is covered with dichroic film, which gives them an iridescent, reflective and color changing effect. The double-layered panels generate double vision images of objects that are placed on the shelf; the images are them reflected endlessly onto the opposite panels, and every two panels are at a different angle to make the spaces in between more open and dynamic. 


The JELL Shelf plays with color, form, space, and movement to create an intriguing visual journey. 

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Thanks for viewing!