Grow facilitates self-awareness and personal growth through the wisdom of your team.


Design Statement:

Grow facilitates self-awareness and personal growth through the wisdom of your team.

• Easily give and request structured, actionable feedback
• Build relationships by sparking conversations about personal growth
• Your data belongs to you


Co-Founder, Business

Co-Founder, Product

Co-Founder, Engineering


My Role:

UX Design, Branding, Graphic Design



Contextual Interview

Questions to answer:

  • Is there a real problem?

  • Who has the problem?

  • I would love to learn more about people's experiences around feedback and having difficult conversations.

Competitor Analysis


Take Away:

  • CareerLark offers a very traditional feedback form, subjects including feedback subject and content.

  • CareerLark allows users to request feedbacks from multiple users at one time.

  • CareerLark is very responsive to users actions and respond with clear prompts.

  • Feedback history available.

  • Reminders available.


Take Away:

  • Office Vibe is mostly designed for a team in a working environment

  • Reminders is the main feature

  • Team reports available

  • Excellent design in visualize data 

Why a Slack App?

Prototype Consideration:

  • Slack already has a big pool of active users with a user group that Grow targets at

  • It is easier to frequently launch and test out prototypes on Slack

  • Development can utilize Slack's current development kit

Product Design:

  • Our team sees the advantages of plug-ins on well established platforms

  • Grow can be easily installed into Slack, users would not need to download another application

  • Grow will be automatically installed for anyone who received a message from a Grow user



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Prototype Analysis:

Prototype UX Audit

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Prototype #1 & UX Audit