Dating apps are common, useful. 75% of young adults in the U.S. are on Tinder. However, over 50% of them dislike their dating apps.

Being a group of avid dating app users, we also have a love-hate relationship with online dating. We ask ourselves: How can we make it better?

We would like to create a bridge between our online social space and real-life social circles

User Interviews


  • Do you use dating apps?

  • If so, which ones and why?

  • What is your experience with dating apps?

  • Do you think dating is hard?

  • What are the difficulties in your dating life?

We asked our interviewees whether they think to give and request feedback is important and what are their experiences with managing feedback.


  • A lot of people are using dating apps

  • Many people had negative experiences on dating apps

  • The major difficulty is still meeting new people and expand social circles

Personas & Scenarios

Based on our user interviews, we created two preliminary user personas and scenarios for our target user group.


To brainstorm on possible solutions, I looked at popular dating apps for reference. While looking for features that connecting people outside of screens, I was also inspired by apps that feature AR functions.

Our major inspirations come from all kinds of dating apps. We were specifically interested in Bumble’s feature that their female users have to initiate conversations and Happn’s feature that their recommendation is based on people around you or came across on the street.

We were also inspired by AR apps and features that allow people to interact with reality while they are using these apps.

We landed on the idea of marrying dating and AR quickly after analyzing the results of user interviews and contextual research.


The goal is to introduce another scenario into online dating apps: discover and connect with people around you with your dating app.



  • How to create a seamless experience between the screen and real life?

  • How to encourage users to interact in person while using the app?

  • How to avoid harassment, privacy violation, and stalking?

  • How to attract new users?


  • Personal tag at an event

  • Location-specific post

  • Anti-stalking protection

  • Harassment alert

  • Nearby friends finder

  • Nearby friends status

  • Connect in person

  • Create an event post

  • Discovery filter

  • Burner message & photo

  • Custom avatar

  • Onboarding instruction

Reference Analysis

Ikea Place


  • Conversational onboarding instruction

  • Minimal UI elements

  • AR indications

  • Profile: basic information & short description

  • Safety and privacy

  • Contact lists

Competitor Analysis


Catxy is a social media networking app that features augmented reality features. It allows users to leave a personal message in a specific location, and the message can be discovered by others by scanning with Catxy at the same location. It is likely that Catxy uses a beacon to realize this feature. 

Through Catxy, users can interact with others based on location and time-specific message. They can easily connect with people who likely have the same interest or lifestyles. 

Style Guide

For our prototype, we want to create a simple yet vibrant vibe. Our references come from popular AR filters, AR related artworks and illustrations.


The AR elements need to be eye-catching and not distracting users too much from the real environment or reading texts.

Flow Chart

Wireframe Sketch

High - Fidelity Wireframe

Log In/ Sign Up

Live Status

After finishing signing up, Epsy will open the front camera and walk new users through setting a live status, which will show up on their tags later. 


Users can choose between a short text live status or an animoji.


This step gives them a preview of what their status looks like on others’ screens.

Get Started

After setting up the live status, users can choose to complete their profile or directly start discovering!


The new users will receive a short introduction about how to scan to start discovering.

Start Exploring

The default discover mode is showing “tag”, users can swipe to view “live status” and “profile”. 


Users can send a connect request by dragging the “Hi” button onto any tags.


Users can tap on any tags to view live status, or double-tap on any taps to view detailed profile.

Connect Request

After sending a connect request, users will wait for approval from the other person. Once their request is approved, they can connect with the other person on site if they are still nearby, or send a message to confirm the other person’s interest if they already left.

Talk and Connect

To encourage users to initiate first contact in real life, we ask users to talk in person and scan a customized code to officially connect.


After the connect is completed, users can start messaging.

Walk over and talk to the person who approves your request to connect

Discover Events

Besides discovering people nearby, Epsy also features a events discovering mode. Users can discover events on a map or by scanning street views.

Business Strategy

From a business perspective, our team thinks that our profit can be generated from Ads posted by venues and event hosts.

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