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The inspiration for Softie Headphone comes from Solange's song Cranes in the Sky. The idea is to design a headphone that is also a fashion statement, it features a wavy silk overhead cushion, pearl accents and trendy colors in fashion. 

The inspiration comes from apparels Solange wore in her MV, bold statement earrings, products, sculptures and colors and materials in trend this year. 

I wanted to add some fashion elements into the design, therefore I explored possibilities of incorporating big pearls and bold fabric shapes into the design.  

The soft-cushion earcups and silk overhead band make it more comfortable to wear and isolates internal noises for a more immersive sound. The use of corrosion resistant materials on the frame makes it built to last. 

Softie offers easy access to both Siri and Google Assistant. While it is a wireless headphone connected with Bluetooth, it also has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The buttons are designed so they are easy to reach and echo the appearances of the pearls.  

Softie uses premium materials such as Alcantara and memory foam for extra comfort and noise canceling, polished Aluminum for durability and silk satin and imitation pearls to achieve a high-fashion look. 

The Softie App gives you easy access to every feature you need. 

Snow White


Ultra Violet

Heavenly Pink

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