helps you to confidently give and request feedback to facilitate personal growth.


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Giving and receiving feedback is an important self-reflect process that helps us and others to perform better. However, asking for feedback can be difficult for many of us; giving constructive feedback can also be a challenge. Grow wants to transform this process.

Since its launch,  Grow has been installed by 400+ teams, totaling 100k+ people across 60+ countries. It has also been featured as New & Noteworthy by Slack.

As the design lead, I was in charge of UX design and branding

Design Statement

The design goal is to develop a simple tool that encourages both individual and team users to actively give feedback and seek feedback to each other. The users should feel motivated to use the tool and notice personal growth by using the tool. The primary users are individuals and teams in academic and professional environments.



User Interviews


  • Do you think feedback is important? 

  • Can you recall the last time you received feedback? Can you walk me through it?

  • Is there a preferred way of receiving feedback?

  • How, when and where do you give feedback to others now?

We asked our interviewees whether they think to give and request feedback is important and what are their experiences with managing feedback.


  • Feedback is important

  • Many feedback happens in work environments

  • Giving and receiving negative feedback is complicated

  • They prefer to have feedback conversations in private

User Personas

User Cases

Do not know who and how to reach out to

Feedback is overly positive or negative, constructive feedback are more valuable

User Journey Map


A self-reflective user actively seeks feedback after completing a specific task, reaching out to colleagues on Slack, the main communication tool within their team.



Design Sprints

Our design phase started with two design sprints within the team. We started out with brainstorming for core features we would like to focus on and categorized them into 8 groups. Then we used "Crazy 8" Exercises to generate as many ideas as possible.

"Crazy 8 exercises"

After generating a list of ideas, we were most interested in the "sh*t sandwich" feedback structure, it resonates with our core value which is to encourage empathy and quality in giving constructive feedback. 

  • Feedback “sh*t sandwich”

  • Feedback progress bar

  • Feedback tracking system

  • Gamification - water a garden

  • Reward system

  • Ranking within team

  • Dashboard for feedback data visualization

  • Monthly reminder to users

  • Link to the calendar for scheduled meeting

  • Feedback archive

  • Feedback Planner - calendar

  • Connect to leadership coach

  • Monthly feedback keyword analysis

  • Focused Skills

  • Access feedback data everywhere

1. Something positive to warm up discussion

2. The real feedback

3. Something else positive to soften the feedback

Competitor Analysis



  • Users can request feedback from multiple users at one time

  • Every user action is followed by a clear prompt that sounds like personal conversation

  • CareerLark sends monthly reminders to stimulate user activity 


  • Users are only provided with one text box for feedback entry, it is harder to give constructive feedback

  • The majority of interactions are text-based and involves too many steps for one task



  • OfficeVibe's reminders and automated surveys keep users engaged with the app

  • Team reports that are empowered by excellent data visualization attract team clients


  • Anonymous feedback could also result in ineffective or overly aggressive feedback

  • Automated reminders and surveys can be annoying for some users

Key Findings - Slack Plug-In

Slack Active Users

Source: Statista

The advantage of Plug-In

  • People are becoming less inclined to download stand-alone apps

  • Plug-ins are becoming more popular and well supported on major platforms

Potential Users

  • Slack already has a large pool of active users overlaps with Grow's target users

  • Once a plug-in is installed by one person, it will also be introduced to the entire channel

Friendly Developing Environment

  • Slack provides a well-supported developer toolkit and well-documented tutorials for building a Slack app.

User Flow



Flow Chart




Quick Prototype & User Testing



Try Grow by adding it to your Slack channel

Thanks to our team members:  Ryan Sydnor, Christopher Caulfield, and Richard Hill to make this happen.

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